OTAM Tables

Tables of Oceanic Tidal Angular Momentum (OTAM) are provided for various global oceanic tide models. Most of these tables have been published in one form or another in various journals and reports, but some are unpublished and have been kindly submitted to this site by their authors. Only models that are global, or nearly global, are appropriate for these applications. Moreover, models of both tidal heights and tidal currents are required. Tidal heights cause variations in the Earth's inertia tensor, while tidal currents cause angular momentum exchange between the ocean and the solid Earth.

All tables linked from this page are in the same format. They give Cartesian components of angular momentum integrals for various tidal constituents. These components are given in terms of an amplitude and a phase lag, where the phase convention is the standard one used in ocean-tide studies, following Doodson (Doodson and Warburg, 1941).

The following OTAM tables are available.

Hydrodynamic model from U. Seiler (JGR, 96, 10287, 1991).
Assimilation model from E. Schwiderski (Mar Geod, 3, 219, 1980).
Assimilation Model TPXO.2 from G. Egbert (JGR, 99, 24821, 1994).
Topex/Poseidon Model GOT99.2 from R. Ray (NASA Tech Memo 209478, 1999).

Doodson, A. T. and H. D. Warburg, Admiralty Manual of Tides, HMSO, 1941.
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